What Inspires Me

Simply put, whatinspiresme is about the people around me and their actions. It is about the ‘catalysts of change’ whose acts get my dead brain cells thinking and stir my soul to act – a small act of kindness, a job that may go unnoticed, a young entrepreneur treading his path to cautiously venture into the (un)known, a leader who has already made it big, a rickshaw puller, a baby sitter, a bar tender, a DJ – anyone!

Just another blog?
Technically, yes. What inspires me is yet another addition to the millions of blogs on the web! So, why have it? For the passion of it and the willingness to share stories that matter and the things that will motivate you to take steps that you’ve always dreaded to! What inspires me will get you the stories that you always saw but never read. It will publish the un-published.

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